FAQs - questions and answers

Simply complete and submit the Booking Form.

On receipt, we will send you a Wedding Contract which will protect your financial commitment along with instructions for next steps.

We take no payment until we have sent you a contract and you have confirmed you are happy with that contract.

At that point, you complete your booking with a deposit payment of 10% of your package price.

The remaining 90% is due 8 weeks before the wedding date but sit back and relax as we will get in touch with you at that point.

Prior to the COVID years, meeting up was a useful norm but everything changed thereafter and we now proceed in a manner that does not require a get together.

However, we are always happy to come out and meet up either before or after a booking if you prefer.

At Wedding Date minus 8 weeks, we will get you to complete a short questionnaire that provides all we need to know for the big day so, rest assured, we will be well prepared for the big day whether you want to meet up or not !

If we are covering bridal preparations then timing will depend on how close we are to the service venue. We will always look to be at the service venue at least one hour before the service time.

If we are not covering bridal preparations then we will be at the service venue at least one hour befor the service time.
We will stay with you until after the first dance which may extend on to cover one or two subsequent dances depending on whether the DJ keeps the party on the dancefloor !

We will never leave until we are satisfied that we have the images that we want.

From wedding #1 to date, we have never demanded that you feed us. We are very acutely aware of the cost of wedding catering so if a plate of sandwiches can be negotiated then we will be hugely grateful and it hopefully will limit your spend !

If nothing can be arranged then we will not take offence, rest assured ! 

The days of the photographer dictating the “normal” line-ups have long gone. Families can today be very complicated so I will advise you in advance of the big day to compile a list of the line-ups that you want and there are no obligations to follow …. it is your day, your choice !

As a guide, I would recommend no more than a dozen formal group shots simply because any more and you will start to flag and the smile will become a grimace or worse !

My record is 86 formal group shots so it really is down to you but, rest assured, compiling the list is a lot easier than standing through a large number of formal photographs. Always happy to discuss this with you as we approach the wedding day.

We pride ourselves on cracking on and working hard to deliver your online gallery.

Every single image that makes your portfolio is professionally optimised using the industry leading Adobe Photoshop to bring out the very best in all that we capture.

On average, we will have your wedding gallery online for you to enjoy around three to four days after your wedding day so you will not be waiting long !   

That will be entirely down to yourselves !

We will provide you with a link to the gallery and it will be entirely up to you how you forward it on to others and who you forward it to.

Obviously, we’d love to see the gallery circulated far and wide but it is your gallery and distribution is 100% in your hands.

Our GOLD package includes thirty free prints but both of our packages include all of the portfolio images being returned to you about 10 days after the wedding.

These images will come in the form of high resolution “master” TIFF files which you need to look after but we also, uniquely, provide you with print optimised JPG files that are perfect for you to send to the printer of your choice.

Your online web gallery is set up to enable yourselves or family and friends to order prints in varying sizes if you prefer. These will be printed by our professional printing partners from just £2.99 each.