Wedding Photography Package Details

The details below refer to the items included in our wedding photography packages.

Our coverage will start with bridal preparation shots which are usually taken about ninety minutes before the service time but exact details can be agreed between us in advance.

If you have doubts about whether you want bridal preparation shots then you will probably find they are not what you think they are so don’t rule them out just yet …… give us chance to discuss them with you and you can decide then !

If we don’t start at this stage then we’ll be at the service venue at least one hour before the service time in order to be fully prepared and to capture guests as they arrive ….. and more !

We are then with you until your first dance and, assuming the DJ doesn’t clear the dance floor, you’ll probably find us shooting the “party” for an extra dance or two !

Your online web gallery will usually be up and running to give you your first view of your wedding photography portfolio within five days of your big day. The gallery is fully shopping cart enabled so that guests can easily order any prints they might want online and with means to pay online too.

The location of your web gallery will be provided exclusively to yourselves on your wedding day so that you have full control over who has access to it and when. This enables you to take your access card with you on honeymoon and view your gallery before anybody else sees it !

Your gallery will remain online for at least twelve months after your wedding date.

A relaxed photo shoot at a mutually agreed location that will deliver informal images that highlight the real you, as a couple, before the formalities of the big day !

These images make a lovely opening to your wedding portfolio and album but can also provide you with images you can use on the wedding day itself.

Words can’t really do our albums justice ….. you need to see them !

They are an eye-catching A3 in size, they are printed on high quality heavy duty paper, they have a luxury matt laminated cover unique to your wedding and they are in the latest “lay flat” style that presents your images at their very best.

The “story book” album style tells the story of your wedding day from start to finish using a blend of images that captures the full story and atmosphere of your day in a manner that is very easy and pleasing on the eye.

Every album is individually designed using Adobe Photoshop, we don’t use automated templates and we can guarantee your album design will be totally unique to your wedding !

These are exact replicas of the A3 Story Book Album but in A4 size and are ideal as surprise gifts for both sets of parents or as gifts for special members of your wedding party.

These have proven to be very popular items since we introduced them in 2005 !

These DVDs will tell the story of your wedding day with a particular focus on the bride and groom and very immediate members of the wedding party but what makes them really work is the musical soundtrack which will be YOUR chosen music that means most to the two of you.

The images come to life on the DVD with panning and zooming techniques used to bring motion to the otherwise static shots and the overall effect will hit you emotionally on many different levels !

The DVDs usually last around 15-20 minutes and use high resolution images in order to produce superb visuals even on large Plasma screen TVs.

No messing here …… these are the full-on master images behind your wedding portfolio and are in lossless TIFF format for you to keep for the rest of your lives.

The images come free of any copyright restrictions and we will provide you with a written statement to that effect in case you have any problems with making use of them.

These will be exact replicas of your DVD of master images but in an optimized and print-ready JPG format which will enable you to print up to 12″ x 8″ without having to modify the files. Should you wish to print any larger than this, you will need to go back to your master image files.

Full guidance on how best to use these files is provided with the CD and, as with the master images, they come free of any copyright restrictions.

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