” Just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything, the photos are absolutely gorgeous, exactly what we wanted and you helped make the day stress free and relaxed ….. we really appreciate it ! “

” My introduction to Lesbian/Gay same sex weddings came as early as 2007 when I had the privilege of shooting what was then a Civil Partnership of two young ladies who it would be fair to say were more apprehensive about having a photographer on board than I was about shooting their special day.


For me, it was just another “wedding” and, as such, it was the most important wedding that I had ever shot as is the case with every wedding I shoot. Not only did the girls have a fantastic day but, as a photographer, I found the day truly uplifting too. The atmosphere across the day was all about celebration, party, fun, laughter …… all the emotions that I dream of having on board as a photographer.


I left that fantastic day thinking that I really want to do more of these same-sex events and I have been fortunate since then to cover a number of Lesbian and Gay weddings and each and every one of them has been an absolute joy to be involved with.


So …… if you are looking for a same-sex wedding photographer then rest assured that (a) I’m very relaxed, indeed enthusiastic, about covering same-sex weddings and (b) I can promise you a fun and relaxed day so long as you can put up with what my kids tell me is an “awful” sense of humour cool !!! “


– Paul Young, Nene Digital Weddings

Lesbian couple kissing - Peterborough Same Sex Weddings
Happy lesbian couple at a Peterborough same sex wedding